Romsey Show

Private gallery of children to be added


Countryside ring and surrounding areas. Dog and Duck, Terrier racing, South Wilts Falconry, Gundogs and Moleman as per request of the show office to cover this area

General, including Moleman and a few horse and donkey photos - link

Terrier  racing - link

Falconry - link

Gundogs - link

Dog and Duck - link


Sadly a washout, I left at about 1.30. Below from Pony Club, Jungle Book characters

Horses - link

General gallery - link

Pony club - link

Pony club children will be on private gallery

Rockwood dog agility - link


General - link

Horses - link

Jamie Squibb - link

WW1  - link

Terrier racing - link




General - link

Flying Foxes Sidesaddle - link

Rockwood dog agility - link

Jamie Squibb - link