31 October. A nice Aultumn afternoon, so decided to pay a visit to the Swanage Railway in order to capture a different angle, not just "train shots" as per First Point advice regarding creating 2 portfolios for external assessment. The SR website gave Manston as the rostered locomotive for the day, but 31806,was in use instead, on arrival at Swanage in the afternoon  the lubricator needed refilling, first a spanner, then a hammer and finally success with a length of scaffold pole to undo the bolt permitting a top up. This resulted in nearly a  20 minute delay

1 November. Wildlife course at Royal Photographic Society HQ. Very interesting regarding composition, angles, how to attract birds as well as images created with captive animals. I wouldn't have thought that those of rats would sell.

24 November.another miserable day weatherwise, however the remote triggers for flasshlights arrived, one stage further towards a portable pet portrait studio. coming Sunday, looking forawrd to RPS meet followed by photoshoot in Winchester

28 November ...Karen Carpenter.."Rainy days and Mondays always get me down"
                             Christmas is nearly here, with my gardening round still lawnmowing......
                             Came across a discarded coffee table which will be ideal for pet/child studio base..
                             also bean bag purchased..a giant bean bag.. Getting it into the spare room was a performance in itself
29 November RPS discussion followed by photoshoot to capture Winchester Christmas market. Must say the lights at Lyndhurst looked a lot better. Forthcoming events to cover - Lymington Santa dash, New Forest Point to Point, Swanage Railway Winter Warmer, also thoughts towards my "L" with RPS

8 December..very busy with Christmas coming and the second week at First Point rushed off my feet, hence little work on this site
23 December still busy with being asked to cover another event at short notice and the need to complete two portfolios as aprt of my course, with accompanying written account to show that I understand the processes behind the images produced, which will be assessed externally by C&G
29 December. busy with coverage of New Forest point to point 26th and Swanage Railway winter warmer 28th
 let's have a little humour. At the First Point course, regarding a pet portrait studio, someone quipped "How do you get a horse into a studio?"
 Cue first LP recording of Wagner's Ring Cycle. Practical joke during the closing moments of Gotterdammerung, when Brunnhilde calls for her horse, and a real live horse enters on cue....
19 Jan. busy month, had to defer First Point external assessment by a month given tax returns due and preperation for advisory day with the RPS regarding obtaining my "L" distinction
22 March. model shoot.  Organised and directed by Joana Kruse, so I was an assistant (but Joana wanted a neutral pose, so when Michelle had a candid moment, couldn't resist).
2 April Romsey show still not showing, glitch with slideshows. Visit to Blashford lakes, several "firsts" for me, and material to add to the wildlife section
10 April Swanage steam gala
11 April. Rain again. collected two hard drives copied & mounted on one caddy by Rapid PC Christchurch - excellent job, meaning I can now access full range of pics taken @ New forest Show 2012, including those of HRH.
Updates regarding C&G coursework - to be checked later this month and presented for external assessment May.
Next is to attend RPS distinction advisory day regarding material for "L" application
18 May facebook page created
14 July - into the busiest part of the year with agricultural shows, especially the New Foreast show taking three days, however my facebook page up and running, this page may well take a back seat from now on




Nov 1 RPS wildlife course

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