Portable Pet Studio. Above, gallery of available backgrounds

Taking shape. The aim is to explore studio equipment and techniques and apply these to pet photography.

Decided to make a temporary setup at home to show something.

Aquired two constant lights. While this means I will need mains electricity when used, I can see what is being photographed, particularly regarding the shadows, use of faster shutter speeds without HSS (high speed sync) and the risk of flash upsetting the subject

Proposed launch March 2018.

Illustrations show Mr Bear posing as model

Studio umbrella - also in silver and black

Speedlite, snoot with honeycomb, wireless trigger, a similar setup was used on Fraser jumping on my homepage.

Snoot replaced by Gary Fong diffuser.

Backdrops - plain white or Rustic wood  Weathered brick on order. More to come

Update - constant studio light as delivered, softbox for speedlite aimed at black/silver umbrella which gives a different effect from the white