Portable Pet Studio

 Top, gallery of available backgrounds apart from plain colours, which are white, off white, grey, green, gold and black. Will be expanding the range of backgrounds,  as well as investing in a smoke/fog machine.

The large softboxes have been delivered as well as a full sized snoot

The bulbs used for constant lighting emit light of K5,500 - natural light, which means no post  processing regarding white balance, the downside is that mains electricity is needed

Constant light is less likely to upset animals (or children, for that matter). It also is WYSYG, so you can see any issues with lighting or shadows before the shot is taken.

The studio can be used in locations where there is no mains electricity, but this will restrict  lighting  being provided by remote camera flash units triggered by wireless units in the event of ambient light being insufficient.

Below -  Mr Bear posing as model with another backdrop and one prop - small to medium dog basket. The props. department is also expanding with dog bed, small square and medium oval basket, battered suitcase, tartan folding suitcase and mirror (for small dogs, cats) being the latest additions

Lighting for this shot - on camera flash, manual set as opposed to TTL, at 90 degrees bounced through reflector/softbox