A list of achievements and testimonials

2013 Romsey show photographic competition - placed

2015 First Point photography Basic wedding course - completed C&G pass

New Forest Fayre regarding  dog show. I wanted to attend Christchurch Carnival. "No, I want you to cover tomorrow's dog show" Mrs Joyce Harvey

First Point photography Studio course - completed C&G pass

2015 Romsey show competition - awarded first prize (this and the 2013 competition are the only two competitions I have entered for)

"I know you are good" Mrs Sue Young who has asked me to cover events at  St Lukes church, Sway, on being informed regarding Romsey Show result

Attended a model shoot, the person organising this, Joana Kruse, offered two places for "assistants" or "work experience". She later posted that this was the best model shoot ever, thanks to the input from myself and the other photographer, (not forgetting the model who looked half frozen toward the end)

Regarding the prize voucher from the Romsey show, the winning image shown below.

Two portfolios have been submitted as part of C&G external assessment,  final marks and grade awaited

September 2017, LRPS advice. Of the panel submitted one a definite, and an example of the standard required at this level. One would just pass - a pity that your model stood too close to the wall and created a shadow. One shows evidence of pp (don't try to fix it if it isn't broken) , otherwise LRPS standard, and one where  a bit of background removal recommended.

September 2017, asked by  Colin Denman to take some pictures of the Sway Cango bus for publicity, and commended on the results

September 2017 -"Thank you so much for sending these photos over, we really appreciate you taking these. They are fantastic." Alexa Hobday, secretary Romsey Show