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 Welcome to the portal page for what is my favourite photographic genre....animals.

 I cover all species, dogs and horses are the most popular. However, all animals have their own characters, I speak from experience of having kept poultry, even rescue battery hens

Donkeys are maligned, a symbol of stupidity (and backsides), yet I find them real characters

Rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, ferrets, snakes, lizards, tortoises, alpacas...

In arranging a session, firstly, how would you describe your pet, to help me capture its personality? Secondly, is there a favourite location? - mainly for dogs and horses. Cats, and most other pets will normally be at home.

Most important that  everyone is relaxed. Animals sense our emotions, and if someone present is stressed will not give their best. My aim is to stimulate natural curiosity - what's this? I do not use treats because of potential dietry problems. I train my own dog not to expect or scrounge food from strangers. I also prefer not to use toys, except as a last resort.

The Wurzels once joked "If at first you don't succeed - forget it". Any pet photographer with this attitude might as well forget it. I am prepared to keep trying for that special moment.

I am in the process of setting up a fully mobile pet portrait studio with appropriate backdrops, props and studying studio lighting techniques with a view of "how can this be applied to pet photography?"


My inspiration for pet photography :- Elke Vogelsang

I have also been tutored by Arica Dorff (known as the Whisperer) and Rachael Hale McKenna