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 Welcome to the portal page for what is my favourite photographic genre....animals.

 I photograph all kinds of animals, both wild and domestic, of course dogs and horses are the most popular. However, all animals have their own characters, I speak from experience of having kept poultry, even rescue battery hens

Donkeys are maligned, a symbol of stupidity (and backsides), yet I find them real characters.

Rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, ferrets, snakes, lizards, tortoises, alpacas rats, mice, hamsters.....

In arranging a session, firstly, how would you describe your pet, to help me capture its personality? Secondly, is there a favourite location? - mainly for dogs and horses. Cats, and most other pets will normally be at home or in a studio setting.

My aim is to stimulate natural curiosity - what's this? I do not use treats because of potential dietry problems. I train my own dog not to expect or scrounge food from strangers. I also prefer not to use toys, except as a last resort.

The Wurzels once joked "If at first you don't succeed - forget it". Any pet photographer with this attitude might as well forget it. I am prepared to keep trying for that special moment.

I am in the process of setting up a mobile pet portrait studio with appropriate backdrops, props and studying studio lighting techniques with a view of "how can this be applied to pet photography?"

Above -Jester

Inspirational pet photographers include Larry Adler, Arica Dorff, Rachael Hale McKenna and Elke Vogelsang

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